Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stupid Questions and Research

Moshe recently asked me some dev question on the IM and I didn't solutions from the top of my hat so I made a small research and found answer which fitted his needs perfectly.
So when he thanked me I answered that I love doing research which confused him because he thought I hated it based on the post I wrote some time ago.

So I figured that I had to clarify this.

I hate when people ask stupid questions which they can simply think of or just google it. Obvious stuff. Something that takes less time googling than asking me and me googling it and then answering it.

At the same time questions which imply learning of something new or finding solution for a reasonable problem are something I love to do. This is usually programming stuff, something you may apply in the future again. These kinds of researches make me feel

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  1. Don't you love people who go to any website by googling the domain name.
    Anyway, I have a question. How come when I go to my sent mail folder, I can't edit the sent emails? What if I want to change something.


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