Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breaking the ice

I'm Engaged Pin I've been avoiding this blog a while. I've been avoiding it for 3 months. I avoided to post about unexpected meetings of other bloggers such as meeting Childish (MAZAL TOVVVV!!!!) by Moshe's son brith and meeting first blogger in my life (I knew Moshe from long before so it doesn't count), upd Jacob da Jew who helped me to find what I was looking for so much desperately on that day, and getting stuck in the Marriott elevator with Chana. I wanted to post funny keywords people come with to my blog from search. There was my blog's anniversary not so long time ago and I avoided writing about it too.

There been a reason for it and no time for it. Now it's time to break the ice...

This Sunday I also broke the ice - I AM ENGAGED NOW!

To prevent many questions. She's The one. She's Russian (so am I). She's frum for few years, BT. We are same age. We share same views on many things.

I guess that's it for now. :)