Thursday, June 18, 2009


Over the time I've learned to find answers on my own. Today it's as simple as searching Google, before it was some reading.
I knew there was noone to understand or to know the topic. Or there would be somebody willing to help but they'd make it more complicated so you'll end up looking for answer yourself anyway. Why waste time?
The only questions that I let myself to slip these days are stupidest ones that I find answer on as soon as I ask the question.

This is how I learned computers in and out, this is how I learned programming, this is how I had success at jobs over past few years. This is why I hate people asking questions that they may find answer for faster than it will take me to hear their question...
This is why I hate people creating a problem and bothering me before they find they could take care of it easily by themselves. Just a little brain work.