Thursday, June 18, 2009


Over the time I've learned to find answers on my own. Today it's as simple as searching Google, before it was some reading.
I knew there was noone to understand or to know the topic. Or there would be somebody willing to help but they'd make it more complicated so you'll end up looking for answer yourself anyway. Why waste time?
The only questions that I let myself to slip these days are stupidest ones that I find answer on as soon as I ask the question.

This is how I learned computers in and out, this is how I learned programming, this is how I had success at jobs over past few years. This is why I hate people asking questions that they may find answer for faster than it will take me to hear their question...
This is why I hate people creating a problem and bothering me before they find they could take care of it easily by themselves. Just a little brain work.


  1. There's a term for it, RTFM (Read The F Manual). You can even get a t-shirt with it.

    You what's worse than people who ask stupid questions that they can google themselves? People who I/M those questions! It's like, instead of typing the question in I/M client and wasting my time, type the same crap in google!!!

  2. Word verification for that was "equation". Since when is it using real words?!

  3. @Moshe (first comment)
    You know my issue is not only about things you can google, but also about things you may happen to do at home or so. Not everything has FM and it's not always about something particular but often about action.

    @Moshe (second comment)
    Yeah sometimes they mix in words. Could be a probability of randomizer - think how many captcha's they show every day. I bet they try not to show same thing too often.

  4. Yeah, but the probability of getting an 8 letter word is close to 0, so that was really cool.

  5. first of all not everyones brains work the same as yours, and sometimes people are clumsy and dont know how to do things properly, if you can - go help them!
    anyway why does it say nabuch case - do you really think that?

  6. First of all, learn grammar.
    Second, how freaking hard is it to go and google something? And did you read my comments? Very often, I have people I/Ming me and asking me for info so I paste the question into google and I/M them back the url because they're too bloody stupid to do that themselves.

  7. First of all it says a smart person asks questions, because that's how you learn.

    Lots of times I would ask questions instead of googling, simply because I figure it would be easier to ask the person who used the word and knows what it means than to have to google it, that's a bunch of mouse clicks. Now I added "smarterfox" so when I select a word, It pops up with a google option, and then I get my answer easily.

    But if someone asks you a question you should take it as a compliment, it means they think your smarter than them and know the answer and can help them.


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