Monday, February 23, 2009

Just to break the silence

Unfortunately these days are pretty busy and I can't find a good moment to bring my thoughts in a right order and dump them here.

Anyways here's a short recap of past three weeks:
  • Week of Shabbos B'shalach:
    • My friend got a mouse. Real one. She waited for it for a while and sounded happy!
    • I finally happened to get out of town!!!! After a year or even more... Went to Perth Amboy and enjoyed it very much. Will use next opportunity to go there again!
    • Going to Perth Amboy involved taking train (not the subway) and this is something that I enjoy from only one thought about it. Almost missed my stop 2 hours before Shabbos...
    • Watched Coraline. Enjoyed. And had a thought that if we were looking for some new trend happening around us (like radio, phones, TVs, PCs and cell phones in XX century) then Coraline is definitely part of it. You would ask how? There's a new trend of movies coming which is made cartoonish but not for kids. And 9 will prove my theory [although I am linking to it's preview you'd better to watch it in the movie theater to get better emotions about it]. And one of the better sides of this very new trend is that it's not centered on scenes with sex which every regular movie today is just a must have. Tiring...
    • My mom went to Israel for the first time in her life!!!
  • Week of Shabbos Yisro:
    • Can't recall anything significant now
    • Found this video and find it amazing!
  • Week of Shabbos Mishpatim
    • Second OT! This time to Monsey. Went with my friend. Went to two families for seudos and both of them were great. Gave us (at least me) a lot of good emotions.
    • On motzey Shabbos we went to: New Square (Rebbe's Tish), Schmuz at Ohr Samayach (this one I enjoyed a lot) and Kiryas Joel (however we came there at 11 and didn't know where to go; we asked some chossid if there's any place to eat and he said probably everything is closed; so we didn't really see the town)
So that was a short recap of my social part of life. Now I'm planning to post one or two technical posts on my recent findings.

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