Thursday, October 8, 2009

Window walking

This will be short. I went to kosher subway today to eat in the sukkah. When I brought my stuff in the sukkah I found that there's a table but no chair. So I walk out the sukkah and go straight to the first chair I see.. Boom! It takes me some moments to realize what has happened... I hear girls sitting in the sukkah burst into laugh. Then I realize that I actually walked into the window instead of the door! Next thing I understand that all peopes' attention is on me now.
It was the first time in my life I've been bleeding from my nose. So was it the time when I realized I don't know how to stop the blood - remember people saying to turn the head up and I remember people saying not to do that.. Boruch Hashem I have high quality blood - I think it took me less than 5 minutes to stop bleeding.
At least I made people laugh and laughed myself with them when I was back in the sukkah.

It reminds me of how I walked into the tree last year. I took few steps back, said "oh, I am sorry!" and only then realized it was actually a tree, not a person :) I didn't hit it that bad though.

So people - don't trust your eyes and always make sure you're going in right direction! A gute moed!!!

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  1. I remember learning that with a bloody nose you should pinch the bridge of your nose and tip your head down so the blood doesn't go down your throat (sorry I know that sounds kinda gross).

    Haha, I've done the tree thing before (don't they have feelings too?). It's great that you were able to laugh about it, I would probably be cracking up too. Once, while I was walking with my little bro, he was looking at me while talking and he walked straight into a stop sign. We still laugh about it whenever he brings it up even though it's been a few years:)

  2. You got a nose bleed from walking into a window?!
    Hilarious story though.

  3. I don't find that it sounds gross considering fact that it's something one has to know as part of first aid.
    I didn't pinch my nose, but i did have my head down while i was trying to clean my nose on top of the sink.

    Ohhh, that really hurts!!
    Few years ago I've walked once in the fire hydrant looking at some building on the side. I hurt my leg, but I immediately realized that I'd rather be in that situation than to walk into the no-parking sign which is taller than I and I would've hurt my head instead of my leg.

  4. @Moshe - I did. I really hit it. At least I didn't break the glass...
    yes it was. Two girls in the sukkah could not stop laughing for a while even after I came back.

  5. Funny post :). Reminded me of the time I walked into a pole wrapped up in caution tape...

    Post more please!

  6. I've been told by credible sources that public embarrassment like that makes for good kapara - sort of the reverse of the gemara that says if one publicly embarrasses someone, it's as though they've killed them. So as annoying as these experiences are, why not enjoy them for the humor (and atonement) they provide?

  7. @SoG - that's what one of the laughing girls told me too about public embarrassment. And enjoying the humor is what I did and I still enjoy some results that came out of it (not the broken nose, better)

  8. saying im sorry to the tree made me laugh out loud after a long day. thanks


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