Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I need

There's a list of things I need but never get a chance to get for various reasons. Here are some of these things:

- Apple Macbook Pro (13" or 15" - undecided) or MacBook Air to make my backback lighter
- USB 3G modem + monthly plan
- 24" screen (currently have 19")
- Bunch of books
- Carrrr

This is not a full list obviously but I believe some of these things could've made my life much easier and more productive (such as 3G modem or car)


  1. I recommend 2 24" screens, at least.

  2. My laptop supports only one external screen...

  3. You know what, if you have enough money to buy yourself this stuff at 21, then you should be getting married and supporting a wife. If you don't have the money to buy this stuff yourself, then who do you expect to get it for you?

    Somebody spoil me, please.

  4. @Michaltastik - well i think over the past year I could've got all of this myself I just always find some better cause for money then getting this kind of stuff for myself. As of 3G modem I just think it's too much to pay $50 for internet at home and $60 on top for mobile internet.
    On the other hand I actually do get married soon B''H - Breaking the ice

  5. maskim to the macbook...
    once you go mac, you can't go back...


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