Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wonderful things in Jewish Laws

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Learning Hilchot Krias Shma I thinking about two amazing things.

First is Shaa Zmanit. What a clever thing! Just imagine our laws would be based on the regular clock. What a mess would be when people started using day light saving times! All our laws would have to be rewritten accordingly to the new clock system and we would have to follow one set of laws in the winter and another set of laws in the summer. Now add here that there are two jews and three opinions which is especially true in our days - during the last hundred years we've lost the last Poiskim who could set a psak din which everyone, or at least a major group of jews would follow.

Second thing is great for those who get up and daven after 7 o'clock in the morning (like me). Just a hundred years ago in many places zman Krias Shma would pass before 7AM (!) in the summer. After the day light saving times were introduced summer timess moved one hour forward, so now zman Krias Shma is before 8AM in the same places without violation of any halochos!! Isn't that wonderful?

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