Sunday, December 28, 2008

New experience

Being a part of the blogosphere for 3 years (passive, reading, but still), I consider myself to be a little bit accustomed to some things that are not usual for a regular world, but normal for virtual. Such as meeting with famous people on different expo's and conferences. I've also read about some blogger meetups... But I have never experienced that on my own, and more than that I've never even thought of inviting someone you don't know at all to some very personal event, such as Sholom Zochor...

Yesterday I was at some one's Sholom Zochor, someone who I do know. It was in the shul, something regular - people coming and leaving, people sitting and talking, people eating and drinking, people saying mazel tov and wishing good things.

I don't usually go his shul, even it's closer to my house. In three russian shuls in Brooklyn I find difference mostly in age of people attending it. His shul is more for married people, people who already found their place, their way in this life, they just need some oil to keep their fire on. Mine is more of pre-family age, still youngsters that are already on their track or getting there and need no kiruv, but inspiration to grow. Third one is for kiruv mostly, but I don't have much to say since I don't go there.

Back on the topic, I met there a man. He was american and I made a joke that he's probably the only one non-russian speaking. I asked him how he knows baal simcha and he answered through blogs! I expected any answer, but not this. This was first time in my life when I met someone who existed before only in virtual world!

PS. I'm not linking to the guy I've met for two reasons. First is because I really not sure about what was the name of his blog, even I think I've found it. Second is because I decided to keep my identity hidden writing this blog, so it'll be unfair to open it right away.
However if he'd happen to read this post, he'll definitely recognize me, but I don't think it'll change a lot, since he doesn't know me anyway.


  1. Ya, "he'll definitely recognize me." Now I gotta blogroll you, lol.

  2. I made a shidduch!!!
    Now if only one of you was a girl...

    Yeah, my shul's pretty boring, I know.

  3. I didn't say so about your shul. Those are your words.


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