Sunday, December 28, 2008

No mechitzah for dancing on wedding

Yes, how are you supposed to act in this case? I mean not mixed dancing, but a mechitzah that is 3-4 feet tall. I am already used to see no mechitzah during eating part and mixed sitting, but dancing is still considered serious tznius reason for ones not seeing others, right?

Should you demonstratively walk out of the hall, or just stay somewhere so that you don't see girls dancing? Should you at least dance in the first dance? Can you dance in the first dance if there's so much action is going on on the men's part that you just couldn't see girls dancing unless you get concentrated on looking at them? Or should you leave after chuppah saying that you have something more important than your friends wedding, so that you don't get to the point when everyone sees you eating, but noone finds you dancing?

I don't try to discriminate girls, and I find watching girls dancing as interesting time spending too, but there are some laws of tznius that we have to follow, right? Or this doesn't apply on weddings?

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