Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thoughts on music trends

Looking at my collection of music that is close to my heart (OK, may be that's said too loud) I can't really recall any good albums in past decade (from the day when Gregorian year started from number 2).

For the music I mostly listen to the best years were 80's, especially many good albums were produced in 88-91. I don't know why did it happen so, may be because of a serious changes in the world when free countries became less conservative, crime amount went down and former USSR burned as a match.

Looking at 90's there were many good albums too, well all not as good as in 80's, but there were many new bands born who were talented enough to produce music you would listen to again and again.

Unfortunately this is not the case for 00's. Look - there were enough of cataclysms to push things up if that's the real trigger for talents - 9/11, war in Iraq, Israel and it's 'life-loving' neighbours, recent accident between Russia and Georgia, russian gas and Europe, who learned how russians live during winters... You can go on and on, but where's my music? Gimme something I'd listened to for second time, please? It feels like oldies get too old and ungsters degraded so much that they can't produce any good stuff at all. Look at Metallica (I'm bringing a famous brand here), or at Briney Spears (well I'm not into her, except of Children of Bodom's cover on her's 'Oops I did it again' opus, but she's another famous person here) - they didn't bring any good stuff. Most of bands/singers I listen too sucked in 00's a lot.

I've got three questions: What's going on? and Will the entire genre die out in next decade like did most of popular styles of 50/60's? And if so, what kind of new music will we see in the wild?

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