Thursday, September 17, 2009

Must read! Dude's meme about superpower he wants.

Material Madel tagged me so my opus is following

Rule number 1: Read the rules.
Rule number 2: Write one superpower you would like to have and what you would do with it.
Rule number 3: Write why you chose that super power over everything else.
Rule number 4: Tag and link 7 people, and write why you think they will have an interesting meme.
Rule number 5: fix your broken links.

Here we go:

Rule 1 - check.

Before I start I should mention that MM is really observant about my pic. She says:

Dude with Hat - because with his profile pic, he's already got the whole 'mysterious spy' thing going on - and that intrigues me.

With her help my spy career is now over because you can't be a spy if others know this. Thanks MM! Very generous from you!

Anyway the superpower I really want is to be able to know everything about anyone I want when I want to. I.e. I don't want my head to be piled up with info about everyone. I want info to be well categorized by person, time and action with description/photo/video/audio recording and me to have easy access to this info. For example I could query for what shoes did MM wear yesterday around afternoon? Or why does Bad4 call herself Bad4? (well i know why, but it's still a good example) Or what did Hannah write in her personal paper diary today? Or what did Moshe ate for his lunch on August 5th? (not that I care much, but good example). Or list of all girls from NYC under 23 Altie was hanging out with when she was in Seminary... I think the idea is clear.

And if this whole thing about database is kinda over-thought, knowing stuff about people is real. Some of you know how I've found your home addresses, phone numbers. So don't be shocked if I call you at 3AM or knock on your door at 11PM. I am 99% sure I haven't opened email box of anyone who reads this blog so I am safe to talk about that... But I used to do that too. Stopped last year. Some of you know details.. Looking into other's windows is a really not nice thing to do so I don't have binoculars. But be sure I'll check you out in the mirror reflection of train car window (I am serious!)

Don't ask me though to do that for you - I won't. The only time when I succeed is when I am highly motived to find that info, otherwise I won't find much if person hides well.

Rule 2 - check

Rule 3 - check!

  1. Hannah - so what did you write in your private diary today, Hannah?
  2. Bad4 - I know already why you call yourself Bad4, but you are too successful with your blog with such bad name, so you are definitely hiding something in your left pocket (which you don't have because you wear skirt :P)
  3. MAK - I discovered you too recently to know too much about you, so you still have a chance to do some work for me and prevent me stumbling on things you don't want me to know too well...
  4. Moshe - not that I want to know what you ate on August 5th for lunch (and I doubt you remember it), but some things about you are really unclear to me!
  5. Something Different - why do I remember about you every time I cross E 12th and Ave M? (I have associative memory so ya know...)
  6. The Babysitter - your name suggests that there's some other dark side of you that I don't know about yet... Are you obsessed with robots because it gives you full control over them?
  7. Chana - do you have to do anything with Viznitz? Just asking...

Rule 4 - check!

Do I have any broken links? I am lazy, I don't even have a full blogroll, nor do I have a normal link section. So, behold! Point me at broken link and I'll fix it.

Rule 5 - check!


  1. Yup, I could see Moshe scrambling for results for you in his investigative report to determine what he had for lunch on August 5th!

    "do you have to do anything with Viznitz?"- Ha!

  2. Shimon: did you see "the sixth sense"? because that is exactly what you described. The ability to get any info you want when you want it. Though your examples are more personal type, and not really informative, so the sixth sense probably wouldn't be helpful unless the information was available online somewhere.

    But, lol, wow kinda spooky there, you sure sound like you have the qualities of a spy.

    Thanks for the tag...Interesting you mention about the robots, because that's exactly what I wrote in one of my posts, I'm guessing you read it then. it was a HP post.

    But really I just like robots like any other tech. It's just amazing what technology can do. It's one way of appreciating "Ma rabu Maasecha Hashem".

  3. "Or what did Hannah write in her personal paper diary today?"

    In that case, I am VERY glad that you do NOT have superpowers. :]

  4. @Solomon (right?) just be patient...

    @JSoB - no i didn't watch it. Heard of it though. Should I?
    I didn't bring all examples, i brought only simplest ones, which are easy to put. There are more complicated things i'd want to know sometimes too.
    When did you write that post? Most probably I didn't read it yet because my queue of Frum posts is over one hundred. I read them slowly and often late to leave any comments. But I know what you post on Twitter.
    What's HP? Hewlett Packard? I thought someone else on twitter had problem with them...

    @ISH - see, wishing is one thing, what i can today is another thing. There are many ways and opportunities. I can even ask you directly as a start of the process... Who knows, may be you'll be in the mood of sharing something? :P

  5. 'Or the list of all girls from NYC under 23 Altie was hanging out with when she was in seminary...'

    Lol. You trying to get me to hook you up? At least now you know I read your blog.

  6. Oh, so you work in the stalk market? I dabble in that every so often.

  7. @Altie - i wasn't going to share what i really want to know so i was making up questions.
    but... Have anyone?

    @sarabonne - no, I am proudly self-employed in this business. So ya too a spy?

  8. BTS: You can watch it if you want... I thought it was really cool. (I love all TED videos).

    Right so this one is from a while ago, I probably didn't tweet it.

    HP #4" It's a Hashgacha pratis post, though it does mention Hewlet Packard also, funnily enough.

    I'll copy and paste part of it here:

    "I was thinking to myself, why is it that I like programming so much. Then I realized maybe it has to do with the control factor. That I get to design a program with code and tell the robot what to do, and it does exactly what I do. That gives you a strong sense of power and control, that you can actually have an impact and change what things do."

    Read more:

    (that last part from Read more and on is an automatic thing that gets pasted when I copy something from my blog, it also has a tracker to it...forgot where I got it from, lol)

  9. I can just imagine you pulling out a file on someone and saying, 'you;re the one who...

    This would be especially good for police investigaters to help them solve things. They'd probably all be grabbing for you

  10. Answer to what I had for lunch, either leftovers or tea.

  11. @JSoB - Ok, i'll watch it after 10 days.
    Yeah, I've read that post - you can even find my comment there :) You did tweet about your charger.

    @Lvnsm27 - there will be a follow up post which will explain why it's not all that blue like you think about my intentions.

    @Moshe - tea is not lunch - unless you eat it dry..

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