Monday, September 21, 2009

Superpower Memes follow-up

So over the past week a bunch of bloggers decided to speak up about superpower they would want to have. While some others decided to skip... (this is not a full list so sorry if I didn't link to you)

This erev Rosh Hashonah I was sitting in the bus on my way to Lakewood and I was rethinking many things that happened in the past few days. And for some reason I remembered about superpower memes that were going around.

While it is clear that my superpower was 100% evil driven, most of other people had their wishes based either on simple self-related topics or on better-to-be ones. So I was thinking about bunch of similar better-to-be superpowers which were intended to be able to better understand people, or to know what could hurt someone and get around that and so on. And that brought me to realization why we don't have these simple and so-great-have abilities which we could use everyday for good of the world. Why didn't Hashem give us something what we could use to help people around us, to be better people ourselves? Why did He decide that what we have is good for us and we don't need any better?

I think the answer is simple. Because as we could easily use these powers for good, we would have a bigger yetzer hora pushing us to use there abilities for bad. Do you realize how easy it would be to hurt a person when you know painful topic for them? Do you realize how easy it would be to do so many bad things knowing so much about surrounding us world?

So what I thought was that we should thank Hashem that neither we nor others have these powers that could bring more harm in to this shaky world! Thank You, Hashem, for not letting to sin more by limiting our abilities to what we have!


  1. Still wish I could fly though...

  2. You know it's not easy to fly, right? Like running is not easy because you spend a lot of energy so is flying would take even more energy. Do you still want it?

  3. As long as we're making wishes, I would fly effortlessly. BUT if I still had to work for it, flying is worth it.

  4. Actually, superpowers are not much different from your regular "powers" and hence you have no point here. Greatest superpower and one that did the most harm is knowledge. There's also the problem that it's impossible to have all superpowers because some of them will end up being mutually exclusive.


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