Friday, September 25, 2009

Older is more attractive or age is out of question

It's been long time since I've noticed for the first time that I get attracted more to girls that are older me than to younger ones. No, I don't discriminate by age, in fact I don't care much if ny wife will be 2 years younger or 3 years older than me if we match in everything else.

However recently I realized that it's not just coincidential that I was interested in few girls that are older than me and in much smaller number of who was younger. Talking to Moshe on IM I named whoever I was able to remember from the top of my hat and it came out as 3:1!!! Seriously I was able to name 6 girls older than me and only 2 younger. Besides that my very first shidduch date was almost year older than I (I didn't count her though).

May be it's a sign?


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  2. what is considered older is all relative. go out with whoever you like. there is no halacha that says a man has to be older than his wife.
    have an easy fast.and a shanah tovah. may you find your true zivug sooner rather than later.

  3. @Rivka - I was set up with her and have never spoke to her before and after dating therefore she can't be in the list of girls I was interested in.

    @fsf - I agree. Thanks, same to you!

  4. One of the Chofetz Chaim Tish'a B'Av videos recently (maybe two years ago?) dealt with that. I believe it was R'Krohn, though I could be wrong, who came out strongly in favor of guys going out with older girls.

  5. I've almost always dated older women, they got their head screwed on better (and hotter too ;) ). Da Wife is actually 3 yrs older but no one would know meeting us. I come across as a mature guy and like to hang with likewise people. So go for it.

  6. @Tzafra - yup, i've seen that one. All it did to me is given more confidence that I am not doing wrong thing :)
    Also last year four of my friends got married from whom two are younger than their wives.

    @Jacob - I'll use your example as an excuse :)

    @Moshe - who's that?

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